Thursday, December 20, 2012


After 279 days of no snow in Iowa, Mother Nature is making up for lost time.

Two days ago I started seeing this on the local TV station.

Yesterday I started seeing this

And this

This morning I woke up to this - more than 10 inches of snow.

And this

I did not take these two snow pictures.  They are from Google images.  But what I am looking at this morning looks just like these pictures.

Once the wind dies down I will get around and start the snow blower and clean off my driveway and sidewalks.

I hope to take some pictures, too.  One of my favorite images is a red cardinal with a snow background.

I especially like this photo -- again both of these cardinal images were taken off Google images.

But for now I am going to sit down and just read for a while.  And I will not be reading off a computer or a Kindle or a Kobo or a tablet or a smart phone -- I will be reading a real, honest to goodness, hold it in your hands and turn the pages book.

Hopefully books will not go the way of the typewriter.  Then again I still have my IBM Selectric in my office.


Hilary said...

It looks lovely, I'm sure but for now, I'm still happy with my snowless streets and especially the driveway.

Enjoy the book. I haven't made the leap to electronic reading either.. except for blogs, of course.

Leslie: said...

In my humble opinion, snow is beautiful to look at but a real nuisance to get around in. Good for you reading a real book - you should see the pile by my bed! One more and I'll be finished the Henning Manckel books about the crime inspector Kurt Wallander. I highly recommend them if you enjoy the genre.

Happy Christmas, Russell, and don't get lost in the snow!

Dianne said...

I love real books as well, I adore my stacks and stacks of them

take it easy on the shoveling and stay warm

thanks so much for your visit

A Lady's Life said...

I prefer books too.
The snow looks wonderful We had some beautiful snow flakes about 4 inches of them but then it turned into rain and today it's all gone and back to green.
C'est la vie.

Rose said...

That does look like a lot of digging out to do.

I love my kindle...I seem to read longer without it straining my eyes. However, I still like books, too...hold in your hand books. I would not want to be without either one.

And some of my books, I wish I had kindle editions...cause I want both. The ones I read over again through the years. And I have several of those.