Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Snow Dust

A few days ago the weather people told us we might -- might ... maybe ... possibly ... perhaps -- get a dusting of snow yesterday.

We got about 9 inches of dust here in the Midwest.  People south of us in Kansas City and other towns got much more than we did.

We need the moisture but this surprise storm did catch us, well, by surprise.  It is not often the weather models are off by this much.  One long time weather man said this was the biggest shift in a major storm he had seen in over 20 years.

This snow had quite a bit of moisture in it and it piled up pretty nicely.  This is just outside my window.

I liked this yellow fire hydrant.  He was standing like a sentry guarding his territory.

I was reminded of the big snowstorms we got when I was a child.  Of course snow looked a lot taller in those days.  This image has a bit of a 1960s flavor to it.  Of course I played with it a bit. 

Tomorrow things will get back to normal again.  I enjoyed the snow today.

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Hilary said...

A nice snow day you had there. We got hit this week also. Ours was a very wet snow and with milder temperatures the walkways are quite slushy. It's nice to see but I'll welcome spring gladly.