Friday, March 1, 2013

Pack Mules

When did we become a society of pack mules?

I got to work today and noticed a man getting out of his car.  He had a large cup of coffee in his hand.  That is not unusual in today's society. 

But then I noticed he had only just begun to get things out of his car.  He next pulled out a large backpack and put it on.

After putting that on his back, he then pulled out what looked like a small suitcase on wheels. It had a long handle on it.

Um .... okay.  Backpack.  Suitcase.  But he was not done.  He reached back into his car and pulled out a satchel he slung over his shoulder.

Of course he had to have his iPad which he must have been using while he was driving since he slid it into the satchel before he slung the satchel over his shoulder.

Don't forget the water bottle that slides into the backpack!

God forbid you would venture out without your water bottle!  Of course the iPhone was in hand. 

After all that, I hoped he remembered his car keys.  Watching him go across the parking lot, I was glad a real pack mule did not have to carry so much stuff. 

I have never owned a backpack and anything I need to take back and forth to my office I can carry in my hand.  I am sure this human pack mule looked at me and thought I was very, very odd.

If so, then he and I agreed on how we perceived each other! 

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Jo said...

That's hilarious. I see that all the time in Vancouver too. They look like they're ready to travel to Europe, rather than just going to work. My favourites are the turtles. They are usually women who carry a huge backpack, and they are slightly stooped so the backpack look like a turtle shell. And they trudge along slowly, just like a turtle.

What on earth are they carrying in all those things?

Marge said...

The ones that get me are the young women who carry huge bags containing all their make up, all their hair products, including their curling irons and flat irons just in case they need to touch up a bit during the day! What ever happened to a comb and a tube of lipstick in their pocket? I have begun to carry less and less, most days not even a handbag.

Funny post, Russell!

Leslie: said...

Good grief! Maybe he's a travelling salesman. *shrug*

A Lady's Life said...

You were smart lol
I not only was a bag lady but then every one in the family would throw me things and said Mom take this and take that.
I was responsible to make sure we had everything because if they got cold or hungry something it was always Mom to the rescue.
I am glad those days are over but I still carry a big purse because I know if it ain't in there it's lost lol My purse is sacred. and I yell at anyone crossing the line.
Not that it helps lol

Hilary said...

Both of Frank's sons and my younger son all travel to and from work with a backpack. I know that work shoes (in my son's case), a few tools, cell phone and lunch are among his portables. I'm afraid to ask what else. Funny post, Russell.

Small City Scenes said...

Good grief, I say. What could one have in all those cases?? We travel light out here---at least in my family. I have seen what you described and just shake my head. I have my car keys, my drivers license and some bills stuffed in my pocket. My most important thing I carry is my camera---of course. hahaha!!! MB