Saturday, April 27, 2013

Midwestern Marsh in the Spring

Today I drove out to a small marsh near my town.  From a distance it looks, well .... boring.  Nondescript.  Just some weeds and water.

But upon walking into it and taking your time you can see some interesting things.  Here is a red wing black bird.

These birds are very protective of their territory.  They have a distinctive song.  This guy was looking at something in the water.

I noticed these birds in the water.  I don't know what they are so I called them Long Beaks.  They may be a bird called a Wilson's Phalarope - but Iowa is not exactly their normal area. They do like marshes though so maybe these were passing through.

This bird is called a coot.  There were a lot of these birds but they seemed rather shy.  They remind me of loons as they dive into the water.

This fence post reminded me of Bart Simpson.

I liked this white electric insulator. These are used for electric fence.

This post had a whole through it.  Someone had drilled it for a reason - maybe to run wire through it?

I liked this grass.

That's enough for now.  Glad you could walk through this prairie wet land with me and see a few things.

As with so many things in life, if you just take your time and look, you can see a lot of interesting things.  That is true for people, too.

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Small City Scenes said...

I loved walking the prairie with you. I like old fence posts too. they can be very interesting---even looking like Bart's square head. haha!!

I have always liked the Red-Winged blackbird.

Thanks for all the pleasant things you commented on my post. MB