Thursday, April 11, 2013

Rainy Day in Iowa

Spring has arrived in Iowa.  However, as it is only 37 degrees this afternoon it does not exactly feel like spring.

However, we had rain yesterday and last night.  And we are in serious need of rain in this part of the world.  This may not be an exciting picture but seeing water standing is something we have not seen for a while.

Water, water, water .... so nice to see again.  Those apartments in the background will be open this summer.

I noticed this sign for a dog wash that will be held this weekend.  Someone put a lot of work into this.

Very close to this dog wash sign is a building with a most interesting feature -- a grain bin is built into it.

Okay. It is not really a metal grain bin but it certainly looks like one.  I believe this building won an award of some sort for unique architecture.   This photo does not do it justice but you get an idea.

The biggest thing I notice now is that the grass is starting to get green. 

Soon we will start to see flowers.  I am looking forward to it.


A Lady's Life said...

I like the grain bin idea. Yesterday I was looking at the curly metal they use mostly on sheds and thought they would really make nice roofs and easy to put on over a normal roof so as not to have to rip the old one off.
They also make for nice covering over sides of houses too.They are light and would never need painting either.

Small City Scenes said...

Rain,eh? We live in the stuff out this way which is why we are always green. And no it's not from mold. We have had two nice days and today is gray but dry---we like that. The ground is already squishy. It is 9:00am and it is 47 and the high forecast for today is 54. Some Aprils we have much warmer days but this year we are stuck in the 40-50s with that dang blasted rain. I hope you get lots of rain, in fact I am sending some your way.

Is the building with the pseudo siding a school? Looks like one. MB

Hilary said...

The building with the grain bin kind of reminds me of the look they were going for when they built our Civic Centre.

Hilary said...

Oh and that dog sign is adorable. I'm glad you captured that.