Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Birds of Spring

It rained last night.  The rain is helping the grass turn green.  Finally, it is really beginning to look like spring.

I noticed this chickadee in the tree and managed to get a picture of him.   

The goldfinches I saw were still transitioning from their winter feathers to their summer feathers.

Both chickadees and goldfinches are able to feed on a feeder called a clinging feeder.  This feeder does not have a perch so the bird has to hold on or cling to it.  Only certain birds can do this.

Here are two chickadees clinging on the feeder.

A goldfinch is very small but is extremely feisty.  This little bird will go after birds many times bigger than it is in order to protect its territory or food.

Nature is always fascinating.  I watched this bird scare off a red winged black bird -- a bird which is very aggressive itself.  You can see this yellow bird has a strong beak. 

It is very fast and other birds do not mess with it too much. 

With this recent rain, all the animals should be in a better mood now as water and food can be found more easily.

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A Lady's Life said...

Oh Wow! How cute is that?
Pussy willows too.

Cloudia said...

your post fills me with joy!

ALOHA from Honolulu
Comfort Spiral
~ > < } } ( ° > <3

Leslie: said...

We have lots of chickadees and house sparrows that fight over the bird feeder in our garden. It's amazing to watch them!

Small City Scenes said...

Love your birdie shots. Our Goldfinches are not back here yet. We hang Niger Finch feeds for the Goldfinches and they are a hoot to watch. Upsidedown hangers. Chicka-dee-dee-dee! I love to hear that sound. We have two types here--the Chestnut backed and the Black-capped. Very similar.

Yes, I think the barn is a queen of barns. Very large and very beautiful. The road goes very close to it now and no pastures left just scrub brush. So sad. Once a dairy barn I am sure. MB