Thursday, April 4, 2013

Spring Getting Closer

I took a drive this afternoon to see if I could find some traces of spring.  The temperature was getting into the low 60s.

Heading out of town I saw where town and country meet.  In the town I live in, a lot of new housing is being built where farm fields had been just a year ago.

Farm fields are being gobbled up by new houses, condos and apartment buildings.  Here you can see a new street complete with lights and walking path next to a farm field.  Of course the field will be gone very soon.

I kept driving into the country.  I liked this small building that is the remains of a former farmstead.  Given the big machinery farmers use today, a lot of farmsteads have been abandoned.

I drove to the old country church I had visited a few weeks ago.

I noticed that the cemetery by this church was built in 1846 -- the same year Iowa became a state.

The grass was a little greener.  A week from now it will be very green if we get some warmer temperatures and some rain -- both of which are predicted for this next week.

A lot of Christmas decorations were still there.  I am guessing they will be taken down in the next month when people get around more.  I did like this Christmas tree cookie decoration.

I kept driving and found some snow along the side of the road.  It won't be here a day from now if we keep getting these warmer temperatures.

These round bales of corn stalks reminded me of a Grant Wood painting.

Things are still more brown than green - but things are beginning to change after the long, cold winter.


Small City Scenes said...

Nice post---a bit sad but so it goes. Lots of that going around here too mostly in the more outlying layers. The Mall in town just few years ago was pumpkin fields. Big crop out here....or was.
I love the little white church with cemetery.
We stay green pretty much all year---The Evergreen State you know. Eastern Washington is much drier and so browner till Spring. It is raining right now, but we did have quite a run of dry sunny weather which of course make the flowers pop open. I do like to see your Mid-west images. MB

Leslie: said...

Ah well - progress, eh? Humph! I'd rather see the countryside than a bunch of cookie-cutter houses. The native band is putting up a huge mall (& probably a casino) not far from where I live and it's just going to make things worse than it is now what with traffic and congestion. Ah well - progress, eh?

Jo said...

It's interesting to see urban sprawl taking place in other areas besides Vancouver, but it's also very sad. There's something magical and charming about those old homesteads and country churches. I hate to see them being replaced with ticky tacky boxes.

When I was a little girl, I had recurring dreams about fields with hay bales like that, although I had never seen them "in person". But I "remembered" seeing them, and they looked just like that photograph.

A Lady's Life said...

Everything in BC is in bloom All the cherry and apple trees and hydrangeas.But today it was dull and wet again and this sure puts the spirit down.
Can't wait to see the sun again.

Hilary said...

It's looking pretty much the same around here.. only not quite as flat. :)

Sad to see those fields replaced like that.