Saturday, April 6, 2013

Old Hotel

Not far from where I live there is an old hotel.  Years ago it was turned into apartments.  A few years ago the landlord quit renting the apartments and is trying to remodel the place.  It is a long, slow, expensive task.  He is doing everything himself.

Every so often I stop by and take a few pictures.  Walking through this three story building that is now empty is interesting.  I can almost hear voices from long ago in the empty rooms.

I noticed these old curtain rods on a window ledge. There were two small coloured beads next to them.

Here is a an interesting view from inside an apartment.

I like the hallways in a building like this and the natural wood.  You can see this building is heated with steam heat.

This photograph was taken looking exactly the opposite direction as the above picture.  I just walked across the hall, turned around, and took the picture looking back where I had been moments before.

Here's another view of a typical hallway in this building.

I noticed this old picture in one of the apartments that is being remodeled.  An old plunger was laying on the floor.

A blue rocking chair was in this apartment. 

I like the arches in the doorways of the lobby.

Here is an empty apartment with the clean and somewhat modern refrigerator still in the room.  I liked this image in black and white.  It seemed more appropriate for some reason.

People drive by this old hotel every day and never notice it.   To me it is fascinating.


Small City Scenes said...

You are right it is fascinating. I like the different shots and angles. It looks like a very clean place. I hope the owner does well. MB

Cloudia said...

Cool photo study!


Leslie: said...

Love the dichotomy of the toilet plunger (modern art form) with the framed art (possible fine art form). You have a great eye, Russell.

Hilary said...

Oh I'd love to have a wander through its halls. Well, thanks to you, I just did. I'm glad it draws you, Russell. There are some very interesting images here.

Tabor said...

Congrats on your POTW. What a lovely canvas for photography and how creative of you to realize that.

TexWisGirl said...

neat peak into it. congrats on your POTW.