Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Sculpture Garden

This past weekend I drove out to see Mount Rushmore.  I had never seen it and figured it was time.

When I was in eastern South Dakota I saw something that caught my attention.  It was a LARGE long horn cow's head.  It was probably 30 feet tall and in the middle of a pasture.

I could not resist.  I took the next exit off the interstate and found this sculpture garden.  It was in a pasture.

I will not write much but just share some of these images with you.  Needless to say each will speak for itself.  I was amazed at how incredible these are.

This guy greets you.

You then see this yawning man.

Here is Grim Gothic.

I saw something in front of me but was not quite sure what it was.   It was apparently a goat playing a saxophone.
And there were three women dancing around him.

If  you need a BIG hammer I think I know where you can find one.  This one is more than 10 feet tall.


These red monks were quietly walking up the hill.

These skeleton guards were around the 30 foot tall Long Horn head. 

This is what these guards look like as you approach them.  They are very tall.


I found myself humming Man of La Mancha as I walked by this knight on his horse.
This woman made out of gold who was filling a pail with gold bricks or dust or something was supposed to be a statement about our materialist society.  I think.  The artist let you decide. 
Next to the gold woman was this Jack in the Box.  Maybe there was a connection?
I liked this blue dragon.
This child on a sled was interesting.

 And here's a pink rocking horse.  You would need a tall ladder to get on it. 

Oh -- the long horn cow I saw from the interstate?  This is what it looks like when you get a bit closer to it.

I figured I needed to get on the road to Rapid City if I was going to get to Mount Rushmore -- but this was a most interesting stop.
Speaking of stopping, thanks for stopping by.


Leslie: said...

I'm so glad you decided to turn off and check it out! Fascinating sculptures. Be sure to post about Mt. Rushmore when you get back - or even while still there.

A Lady's Life said...

Well you found yourself a bit of fun.
These were good and in a field which makes it even more special.

Hilary said...

What a cool collection of sculptures. I'm glad it spoke to you.