Friday, November 1, 2013

Surrealistic Des Moines

High dynamic range - commonly known as HDR - photography consists of taking 3 to 6 images of something and then using a program such as Photoshop to combine the images.  Once done you can then create variations of the HDR image.
One popular style is surrealistic.  Below are some images of Des Moines, Iowa, as set out in an HDR surrealistic format.  Here is a parking ramp with an older hotel and a newer high rise in the distance. 

Here is a view of some downtown buildings taken from the same location.

One of the buildings I like in Des Moines is City Hall.  It is an Art Deco building.

Here is a view of the Great Hall.

I like these doors.

Outside City Hall is the Des Moines River.  You can see the new walk way across the river in this photo.  Wells Fargo Arena is to the left.  At night the arena reminds me of a space ship that has just landed.

This is a view of the river looking the other direction.

I like the realistic photographs best.  My favorite photography is, by far, black and white.  But these are fun.  They are certainly different.

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Hilary said...

It is fun to play around with images every now and then but I have to agree that I like the natural look best.. and often black and white. Fun shots.

A Lady's Life said...

It sure looks like something out of a video game.
They do them so well I love watching the new movies.
Sometimes by playing like this you sure come up with great stuff.

Leslie: said...

I really like these and would love to experiment doing it myself. I like the boldness of the photos.

Joseph Pridmore said...

I would like to reach Russell. How can I?

julie said...

Russell, is it possible to use your photos in a project I'm working on with a client and the City of Des Moines City Hall restoration? It has been difficult to find pictures of the "before" the renovation? Thank you. Julie