Friday, December 28, 2012

Red Things

My name, Russell, means red.  Or at least that is what I have been told.  Something about foxes was mixed in with that.  Not sure what.

In any event, regardless of the name connection, I have always liked red.

My silverware is red.  Maybe I should call it redware.  It looks identical to this.  I bought it at a Target store years ago.  A set of 4 for $8.99.  They were on special.  I figured since I am only one person a set of 4 was more than enough.

Target is a store that is known for being red, red, red.  I believe Canada now has Target stores or will be getting them soon.  They are very popular here in the states.  We like to pronounce it "Tar-jay" to give it a bit of a French sound.  More elegant you know.

I have a red car that looks like this.  I never owned a red car before this one.  I like it.  It is easy to find in a parking lot.  And I just like owning a red car.  For some reason I don't think I will ever go back to beige again.

Of course my closet has several red ties.  I don't like a tie that is all red.  I like a tie that has a pattern in it or maybe a stripe.  Often I like red ties with black accents.  Red and black go together very well.

As I type this I am wearing a red robe that looks like this.  When I get home from work I usually disgard regular clothes and put on something very comfortable with my robe.  It is like wearing a blanket.  I like it.

My lawn mower and snow blower are red.  I used to own a lot of equipment that was green and yellow.  Today anything I use outdoors is red.

Today I was in a store and noticed this red coffee maker.  The one I have is worn out.  And it is all white.  I might get this one.  Might be a bit easier to find before my first cup of coffee.

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Leslie: said...

You crack me up, coffee maker is red, too, as my kitchen "accents" are all red. I look good in red and did you know someone we both know was going to get a red coat for her birthday, but it was too big! I hope she finds one as I think she'd look gorgeous in red!

Russell said...

I agree! I think she would look terrific in red or any other colour ....!

I am going to get the red coffee maker this weekend. If you like red you would like my kitchen.

Marge said...

I just bought a red crock pot. And I have 3 of those enamel coated cast iron cooking pots in red. Love them. My utensil holders are red, as are my spoons and spatulas. And I plan to continue with the red accents after I paint my kitchen lime green, to match the red and lime green quilted table runner I made!

Happy New Year, Russell!

Small City Scenes said...

I like red too. Such a great color. I have been told I look good in red also. MB

A Lady's Life said...

Ok For the New Year, we'll just call you Big Red!! lol

Our Zellers closed and we will have a Target store pretty soon in it's place. It missed the Christmas rush which is rather sad.